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Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, three international filmmakers left home and crash-landed in London. Oddly enough, the UK Border Patrol refers to beings like us as "Visitors". even "ALIENS" on a bad day.

But aliens... They've travelled. They know a thing or two. their minds are rich and open, rooted in their multi-galactic backgrounds. you see, many of our directors, producers, and cinematographers are “not from here”, and they bring with them their origins, a wealth of talent, and a multiverse of stories. the most diverse stories out there. by the hungriest and the most daring. Now, The Visitors are here to make your brand shine.




Tiferet, or Tif as we call her, was born in London, with roots tracing back to Yemen. A middle child of nine, Tif was always the responsible one, possessing a maturity beyond her years. Growing up in a family of eleven must have been pretty wild, and we think this is where she gets her rapid-fire decision making and street-smart skills. Fast forward a few years and you will find Tif assisting producers and directors on the front lines of some of ITV’s biggest documentary series, and getting the job done no matter the circumstances. Although she is a real force to be reckoned with on a film set, underneath lies a heart brimming with empathy. Tif won’t just produce your new video, she will also become your best friend in the process. In her free time, Tif is a big-time thrill seeker; karting, boxing, rock-climbing and all things adrenaline.  (Yes, we are a little scared of her too)



Mitya was born in Moscow. At a young age he immigrated to the UK, where his love for filmmaking sprouted. His eyes are camera lenses, and they have never stopped recording. The culture shock of a totally new environment, coupled with education from the best film schools in the world (NYU Tisch & The NFTS) made Mitya able to pick up on nuances of human behaviour, notice and capture the raw beauty of the human condition. His films went on to win over a dozen international awards at numerous film festivals, including a nomination at the Student Academy Awards, where he served as executive producer. Mitya can turn a simple thought into a moving picture in a brink of an eye, and his talent has already landed him numerous jobs with some prestigious clients, such as British Association for Screen Entertainment & Sony Music. Outside of film, Mitya loves his jam sessions on a PRS guitar, and makes a mean grilled cheese. Maybe he'll make you one on set if you're nice.



Alex was also born in Moscow. Because he is Mitya's little brother. At the age of nine his family immigrated to the UK. Years of boarding school education made Alex a force to be reckoned with, as he grew stronger and wiser. Alex went on to complete his BFA at NYU Tisch and an MA at Raindance Film School. He's the really educated one here, we often call him "Professor". Since graduating, Alex has done a bunch of cool stuff. He is an award-winning screenwriter, a talented producer, a represented actor and a business owner with tons of marketing and brand knowledge, as well as an avid snooker player. We believe everyone needs an Alex in their lives; he guides, motivates, and works his butt off in anything he creates. An Entrepreneur at heart, he'll talk your ear off with ideas but also listen to you with precision, professionalism & care in order to create the best possible video package for your brand.